We wanted to take an opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves, what made us decide to start a business, and to answer the question that we are asked on a daily basis, “Are you sisters?” The technical answer is no, but we have been best friends since we were five (we aren’t going to admit our age, but it has been a couple decades), we are business partners, roomies, and everything in between which results in constant entertainment, and a really big closet.  Basically, we are soul sisters. Our story starts when we were five years old, on the monkey bars in kindergarten, and it has been history ever since.  We have seen each other through ups and downs, successes and failures and have put miles between us, which still didn’t keep us from letting each other know every detail of our lives, you can check our phone bill if you don’t believe us. To us, Two Sisters is our way to bring a career and a passion together and that’s just the beginning of our story. 

“Side by side, or miles apart… we are sisters, connected by heart.”

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